In 2006, Ananya founded “Seshanatyanikethan” in honor of her Godfather and Uncle, Dr. Seshamany. Dedicated to dance, she has passionately trained students for a decade. Ananya’s commitment to the art form is evident in her genuine enthusiasm for dance. Over the years, she has not just taught but also contributed significantly to the world of dance. Seshanatyanikethan stands as a testament to her enduring love for the art. Ananya’s altruistic spirit is reflected in her desire to make a meaningful impact on the dance community. With a decade of experience, she continues to inspire and nurture budding talents. Ananya’s devotion to her uncle’s legacy has shaped Seshanatyanikethan into a thriving hub for dance enthusiasts. Through her efforts, she has not only imparted dance skills but also instilled a deep appreciation for the art form. Ananya’s journey is marked by a decade of unwavering dedication to both the art of dance and her students.

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