Reasons behind WordPress being best CMS for SEO


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The primary scope of Business while designing a website/ webpage is to rank them on the first page of the search engine. SEO with good strategy plays a major role to grab more traffic to your website which in turn increases site visibility.

According to the sources, Google’s Senior Webmaster Trends Analyst state that “Google’s algorithms don’t consider CMS as part of their ranking, but that WordPress is a great choice for SEO”.

Why WordPress is gaining popularity being the best CMS for SEO, here is the reason.
1. Site speed

One of the important factors in Google ranking is page speed. When the site is speed, it can crawl the website to lead in the search engine. There are plenty of WordPress plugins available used to increase the site speed.

2. User Experience

Site speed, navigation, Poor images, low-quality content, bad design determines the user to leave the site. This may also lead to a higher bounce rate and drag the page down in SERP. Providentially WordPress has an amazing feature with customized themes and plugins which engage users to have a great experience.

3. Permalinks

WordPress has a feature to edit the permalink according to the keyword matching up your business. This can help your site to look informative and ranks a better position in search engine. Creating up a new standard format to show the user and search engine clearly explaining the content of the page.

4. Meta tags

Two important meta tags of SEO are meta title and meta description. They form the main factor in how to display your website in search engines. WordPress allows you to customize the tags with available plugins to grab more potential customers with the related keyword ensuring to have optimized title and data.

5. Optimizing Image

Images are a crucial part of SEO to ensure that content is creative and engaging the users. According to the sources, one-third of the user lands on websites through images on search engines submitted on their website. WordPress allows you to optimize the image as follows,

  • Resizing of the image to increase the site speed.
  • You can create or use a plugin for the Alt text for every image you add to the site

Optimizing images provides the best user experience and ranks in the top position of search engines.

6. Mobile Optimization

With an increase in usage of smartphones in this digital era. Most of the searches are through mobile. So, it’s necessary for a website to optimize for mobile users. WordPress has an optimized theme for mobile which can gain more users.

7. Integration with social media

A user lands a website from organic search, paid search, and social media channels. Social media is a huge platform to market your brand online, conducting a campaign will improve the SEO ranking of the site. WordPress has a feature to integrate with social media to automate your campaigns and share updates to keep your followers engaged. It can also boost CTR.

WordPress with unique features and tools can promote users’ business growth and brand awareness. We at Control N, happy to design your website with the above-listed advantages to rank your website in the top SERP.

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