The Power of Automating WordPress



Technology is best when it brings things together!

Managing your business website is a laborious and endless process. Involves several tasks like handling customer inquiries, adding CRM to your workspace, spam filtering, processing emails, creating & publishing content, or posting to the social network. Setting up an automation workflow can reduce a lot of time and energy spent on the tedious task.

WordPress plugins perform independent functions, were a separate plugins for triggering and user action on another plugin, making things in an automatic workflow difficult. To overcome this challenge, developers have specifically designed a tool to activate a chain reaction among multiple plugins and third-party services to power the automating of WordPress.

Being the best Content management system (CMS), WordPress allows you to manage your site more efficiently and provide your customer a more personalized user experience. So, your business can continue to grow and succeed.

Many automation plugins are available for the WordPress website, each performing different functions to match your business uniquely.

Automator WP is open-source and flexible. It integrates with more popular plugins such as WooCommerce, Learns Dash, Gravity forms, Buddy Press, Popup Maker, and services like HubSpot, Twilio, Zapier and Zoom. Integrations are only with free versions of plugins, where add-ons can be purchased individually or as a package.

Automator WP lets you set up complicated automated workflows with your WordPress plugins, and it also has an easy-to-use editor.

Listing out some of the Built-in features of Automator WP

  1. Unlimited triggers and actions
  2. Force users to complete triggers to complete the automation.
  3. Create automation for logged-in users or not logged-in visitors.
  4. Tags to pass dynamic information from triggers to actions
  5. Developer-friendly to add custom features and functionalities. 

Even smaller companies can invest as their service is free and the basic expenses will be domain and Uncanny Automator customizes the automatic workflows in a user-friendly interface. It integrates with plugins such as Easy Digital Downloads, Elementor, MemberPress, The Events Calendar, the plugins mentioned earlier, and services like Facebook, FluentCRM, and Twitter. It has a more similar function as Automator WP with a slight change in terminology. Automated processes are called “Automations” in Automator WP and “Recipes” in Uncanny Automator.


Automating your workflow makes the process simple by connecting various tools. It increases efficiency by reducing the time spent on repetitive activity. Here are the results of using the automated workflow

1. When the workflow is automated, User detail is directly added to the CRM workspace or google sheets (can maintain the record),

2. Marketing emails are directly sent to the user for a more personalized experience

3. When the content or blog is published can be automatically shared on social networking sites to keep the user/customer engaged.

Control N is here to make your menial task simpler with these automated plugins. We make it easier for you to have greater bandwidth so that you can focus on what’s next for your business.