Top 6 WordPress trends for 2022



WordPress has been at the forefront of content and technology, leading the CMS to power over 40% of the online site. It has gained popularity by embracing the core value of its flexibility and ease of management. With the constant evolution from 2003, it’s all set to emerge for new updates and improved features to create a niche.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has been gaining popularity since the outbreak of covid and spreading like wildfire across different industries. This technology of overlaying digital information onto the real world allows online shoppers to visualize their products and remotely access the venue through mobile or web applications. It is extensively used in E-commerce and the retail industry to drive more sales with Key features to provide a better customer experience.

Voice Search

Voice search is a top trend of 2020, where 40% of online users prefer to use this feature than manually typing. There has been an enormous rise in smart speaker devices such as Google Home, Alexa, and Siri. The evolution of this technology has made the user feel convenient. So, it’s time to start taking voice search seriously, and it’s necessary to optimize the content according to the voice search.


Chatbots are the future of customer service. Chatbots can address the customer’s queries more efficiently and effectively 24×7. Deploying chatbots can solve a lot of problems for organizations and businesses. Chatbots have many advantages compared to the human workforce, and it saves time for the customers to wait in a queue.

Drag and Drop Builder

Drag and drop builder is an easy and simple feature that will be trending in 2022. It allows non-technical people to create and customize their websites according to their business without coding knowledge. It also provides total control over the site so that the user can feel the real-time changes.

Mobile Friendly Themes

With the increase in usage of smartphones, Businesses must create responsive websites to reach a wider audience. The website’s loading time is also significant when shopping through mobile phones, so it is necessary to improve and enhance the mobile shopping experience by optimizing the mobile pages. There are many themes available in WooCommerce, providing a better user experience.

Micro Interactions

This feature provides a delightful experience for your visitors by creating an illusion of the website with elements on the page without navigating away from the page. It enhances the overall website’s appeal by increasing the user experience.


WordPress has been updated with new trends since its inception in today’s fast-paced world, so every business must ensure they take full advantage of this technology.

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